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Spring Fling

Happy Women's History Month, Happy Mardis Gras (do you say that?) and Happy Pancake Day! Who doesn't love a good pancake? I love this little list of

holidays, especially "I Want You to be Happy Day" That is my wish for my Candle-holics always!

Well, it's almost spring time! Yay for

the warmer weather! Spring is not only known for renewal or rebirth, but love, hope, youth and growth. That's what I wanted to embody with my new scent.

A spring fling can be a dance or a lil romantic

relationship or puppy love. This scent is a delicate blending of flowers and fruit. Imagine walking through an apple orchard with the sun shining and violets in bloom. You smell those juicy ripe apples? You smell those blossoming flowers? Man this candle is inviting and flirty, just like a spring fling!

There are two other spring scents that I'm sure you'll love: April Showers and Botanical Gardens. These scents are soothing and I light them whenever I want to relax. April Showers has rainwater, white currant, and jasmine rose. Last year it sold out quickly. Botanical Gardens has notes of ylang ylang, palm, water lilies, bamboo, and exotic citrus. Really reminds me of my visit to Atlanta's Botanical Garden. Try one out today!

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