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No April Fools

I never understood why people want to prank other people on that day. I guess I'll have to look into the history of it. Ramadan has started so As-salamu alaykum to my Muslim friends. April is also Minority Health Month. This is something that is near and dear to my heart as you all know I am a registered nurse. I have started my own health journey and I encourage you all to take your health into your own hands. I have seen quite a few young people who suffer from preventable things like stroke and heart attacks. I know that there is some deep seeded mistrust in minority communities, but regular check ups, even if nothing is wrong, are necessary.

Ok that's the end of my soap box speech. This is about candles. Mixing oils is my fvorite things to do. One question I am asked frequently is how do I come up with my scents? The short answer is by accident lol. No, for real, I have a concept or memory and I ask myself what it would smell like. For example, Saturday Morning Cartoons, I wanted it to smell like milk and cereal. I found the fruity scents like fruity pebbles and fruit loops, but then I had to add something that resembled milk. I tried different combinations until I found the right one. To not waste a lot of oil, I use fragrance strips and dip to see what scent combinations work. Once I have that done, then I pick which one I want to be the base, and then add a little of this and little of that until it smells right to me. Other times, I will smell an oil and it reminds me of something, and I'll name it accordingly.

Which has led me to the candle I will be presenting for Mother's day. I smelled this oil and was like it reminds me of my mother. This scent is sweet, warm, and soft. A delicate blend of floral and fruit, with it's notes of agave, pear, and cherry blossom. A Mother's Love will be available Sunday April 10th. I hope you love it as much as you do the others. Until next time!

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