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In 2017, my best friend and I went on a life changing trip to #Senegal. Senegal is a country in West Africa. You may be wondering what this has to do with #Juneteenth but I'll get there in a minute. You also may be thinking "what's so interesting about Senegal? " I had the same thoughts before I did a little research. Senegal has this

This is the African Renaissance Monument outside the capital of #Dakar. Photo cred by yours truly😁. This copper monument was built overlooking the city and houses a museum inside of African culture. You can also go inside of the man's crown and view the whole city and Atlantic ocean. It's pretty amazing! Also, the baby is pointing to the Statue of Liberty!

Another place we visited was Goreé Island. This island is gorgeous and is the location of this building

This is the House of Slaves. This is where captured Africans were taken before being shipped off for a life of slavery. Visiting this place was somber and very emotional. See the doorway? It's called the Door of No Return. They would line the Africans up along the sides of the corridor so that they could watch people board the ships and never return again.

The bottom level of this house had dirt floors, cramped rooms, and was stifling hot. The upstairs was breezy and housed the merchants. I cried this day seeing a little of what our ancestors went through. (Most slaves in the Americas came from West Africa).

Just how the #houseofslaves preserves the history of the enslavement of Africans, this statue was gifted to the island's mayor to commemorate the abolition of slavery. It's called la statue de libération de l'esclavage, which means the statue of liberation from slavery.

And that brings us to Juneteenth. On June 19, 1865, two years after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, a group of Union soldiers went to Galveston, TX to tell them slavery was over. Those people had no idea that they were free. So now we celebrate that day of freedom and jubilation all over the country! What better was to commemorate our ancestors than a candle that ties it all together?

Smells like cocoa butter and sunshine! Get yours today in honor of Juneteenth!

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