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June bugs Are Real?!

On a random whim, I googled June bugs and found out them thangs are real😳! I always thought they were something the old folks made up, but they are actual beetles that come out in the summer! Who knew? I digress. June is Men's Health Month, African American Music Appreciation Month, Mango Month, Pride Month. It also has National Nail Polish Day (today), Dare Day (today), National Best Friend's Day (8th), National Sex Day (9th), Flag Day (14th), International Picnic Day (18th), Father's Day and the new established national holiday, Juneteenth, which are both on the 19th this year. Let's not forget the first day of summer! Who knew June had so many things going on?!?

Anyone who knows me knows I love getting my nails done, so this holiday (now that I know it's one) I will be participating lol. And since it Dare Day, I dare you to buy you or your favorite person a candle or two.

Shout out to my Bestie! She is one of the main reasons that you all get to enjoy the candles you love so much! She keeps me on point and is always ready to support. Like I legit have to stop her from buying all the candles first LOL.

Try one of our sensual scents for National Sex Day (Romance, GTD, or Black Love)😉

Try one of our 6 scents for your MCM or other favorite man, then take him, or be taken, on a picnic. Because what's a picnic without a candle to set the mood.🤷🏾‍♀️ And like we previously stated, it's Men's Health Month, so make sure he gets his annual physical and is taking care of himself. Feed him mangos (my favorite fruit) because... why not? Pamper him from time to time. We want our men to be around for a long time, so show him how much he means, especially for Father's Day.

Then there's Juneteenth, cause the slaves in Texas didn't know they were free😒. But anywhoooooooo, it's nationalized now and you should listen to all the African-American music to celebrate!💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 And then light one of the "For the Culture" candles

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