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It's National Black Business Month

Hey Candle-holics! July we took a break to rest and regroup. Now it's back to business as usual and it just so happens to be National Black Business Month. What are some of your favorite Black businesses you love to support? I would love to support them as well. I recently went to Investfest2022 hosted by Earn Your Leisure and it was amazing! If you have never been, I advise you check it out. There were several Black owned businesses in the marketplace but the whole conference was to share invaluable information regarding business financing, credit, investing, etc.


I've been working on some new scents, they're currently in the testing phase. Want to make sure they'll be scents you'll enjoy. One of them is a honey based scent. My mother said it smelled like burning paper🤦🏾‍♀️ Back to the drawing board🤣🤣. It's ok because I'd rather have the harsh criticism now before I release it to y'all. Fall is right around the corner, so let me know what you're looking forward to smelling! Check out the shop! Remember if you don't see what you're looking for, I customize as well! Until next time!

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