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It's Gonna Be Mayyyyy!


LMBO if you know, you know! Hey hey my candle lovers! It has been a minute! Things have definitely been stressful. I started a new position in my career and I have been busy. I have also been in a few popup shops this year too! Thanks for always coming out and supporting!

Because May is mental health awareness month, I would love to encourage you to indulge in self care. You cannot pour from an empty cup. I took a break from the blog because honestly I was overwhelmed and exhausted. But things are settling down and I am back focused.

Nurse's Week is coming up. Make sure you thank a nurse. If you head on over to the IG page: @ascentedworld and tag your favorite nurse under this post, there may just be a prize for them at the end of the week.

Mother's Day is Sunday and this kit would be perfect for children to decorate and give to their mothers. It smells soooo good like sunflowers. Or you can always check out Baking with Mom. Until next time my friends!

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