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"For the Culture"

Today marks the first day of Black History Month! As an adult, I've learned way more about the contributions Blacks have made in this country than I ever did as a child. It makes me soooo proud to come from such an extraordinary, resilient, and creative people! Therefore, this new collection is in celebration of OUR CULTURE!


First, the most popular scent is coming back! A way for us to honor those who were captured and enslaved but who also survived so that we can be here today. Smells like cocoa butter and sunshine!


This is an era in which Black authors, poets, dancers, actors, and musicians thrived! Harlem wasn't meant for Blacks but due to job opportunities and desperate landlords, there was an influx of Blacks that moved to the area from the South. This period is also known as the "Golden Age" of our history. "It gave these artists pride in and control over how the Black experience was represented in American culture and set the stage for the the Civil Rights Movement" This candle represents the richness of this era with its notes of amber, geranium, and musk!


"After decades of subjecting ourselves to European beauty standards, we decided to take back our hair. This newfound self-acceptance was widely known as the Black Is Beautiful movement, which sprang from the Black Power movement."

This candle represents the power, strength, and resilience of our people with its hints of tonka, oud, rum, leather, bergamot, and incense.


HBCUs have been around since 1837 (Cheyney University) but the majority were established after the end of slavery to provide the basic human right to education to Black people. "HBCUs thrived and provided refuge from laws and public policy that prohibited Black Americans from attending most colleges and universities." Today there are over 100 HBCUs and some very famous/influential people have matriculated from them. Although I did not personally attend one, I do have memories that always stuck with me from my visits. The main one being "The Yard." This is a place where the plots of sororities and fraternities are located, where BBQs and parties would take place. Another place that I think about is the library. The smell of old books in buildings named after donors or important alumni. This candle is sure to spark your memory with its notes of green grass, sweet violet, earthy sandalwood, leather, and teakwood.

Grab your candle today!

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