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And We're Baaaaack!

Hey Candle-holics! Yes, I made that up, and that's what I'm gonna stick with. It's been a long time, shouldn't have left without a dope beat to step bad. I think in song a lot😂. I know that it has been quite some time since I have dropped a new blog post, but life definitely got in the way. And you all know how I am all about taking care of your mental health. I am finally settling into a good rhythm and that means I can focus more on the things I love, like making candles for you guys!

Speaking of candles, have you checked out the scent for this month? No? Well, here it is

I was talking to my friend and was like "I need another Black history month candle and another Valentine's Day candle. " I was thinking about calling the scent something else but with his suggestion, I landed on G.T.D. It's an homage to the show, Martin (I loved watching that show growing up), and with its sensual nature, it just made sense. It has notes of dark chocolate, amber, cedar, velvet musk, and suede


Although it isn't new, Black Love is now part of the For the Culture set!


And finally, you can find these candles during this month in The Green Bugs Store located at 3273 Dogwood Dr, Hapeville, GA!

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